Skin Care

Visit our Spa boutique for products to recreate your Spa experience at home. A wide variety of specialty products are available, as well as unique gift ideas.

The boutique is located at the front entrance of the Spa so that you can peruse at your leisure. Revisit the soothing feeling and subtle fragrances of your Spa experience in the privacy of your own home with a boutique purchase.

Institut Esthederm

Institut Esthederm is one of the world’s leading beauty experts since 1978. Institut Esthederm research laboratories have been inspired by the skin’s natural resources to formulate personalized skin care that “re-educates” the skin, preserves its balance and adapts it to its environment. With scientifically-proven performance, immediate and long lasting results for more beautiful and radiant that that reveals its youthfulness potential day after day.

BIOTOP Professional

BIOTOP has secured its spot as a leading haircare expert. Harnessing the power of technology and high-quality ingredients, BIOTOP produces extensive, professional and effective products that are proven to repair, nourish and protect every type of hair. The goal is to help people enjoy beautiful, healthy hair without causing any harm to the environment. Therefore, each and every one of BIOTOP’s products are:

  • Animal friendly - None of our products are tested on animals
  • Made with natural ingredients - Making the best of local, natural resources
  • Produced with 100% purified water - Thanks to BIOTOP's top of the line eco-friendly water system - the Reverse Osmosis - which allows you to enjoy the full benefits of each active ingredient.
  • SLS and Paraben Free


The team at Orenda Botanicals is dedicated to providing our customers with safe, high quality, sustainable hemp products. We promote the benefits of using plant-based topical alternatives. We whole heartedly believe in the power of intention, which we channel through our selection of all-natural, cruelty-free hemp infused body care products that we curate for you, our valued customer. Our products are infused with blends of medicinal herbs and organic botanical extracts that help you aid your everyday physical ailments.


Developed and produced in Switzerland, Swiss Line products offer not only measurable results, but indulgent rituals that last a lifetime. From moisturizers and serums to eye creams and masks, we have everything you need for smooth, youthful-looking skin.

Glam Sleep

With recognized benefits for hair and skin, silk accessories including pillowcases and face masks are on-trend and rank among the top beauty recommendations. And we are excited to have the Glam Sleep line of silk products now available in our Spa boutique. Glam Sleep products are created from the finest 100% 22 momme 6A mulberry silk. The super smooth surface reduces friction leading to less hair breakage, minimizes frizz and static, are naturally hypo-allergenic, can help improve skin hydration, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.