Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included with the Oasis Experience?
A: Indoor relaxation area, one indoor hot tub, Himalayan Salt Sauna. Outdoors you will find a Finnish-inspired Sauna Cabin, one hot pool, one warm pool, one cold pool. In addition, the pass includes a robe, towels, and a locker room with showers. We have complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and blow dryers.

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: You will require very few personal belongings. We recommend bringing a comfortable bathing suit (bathing suits are required in all areas of the Spa), a reusable plastic or metal water bottle, sunglasses, and, if you like, a good book! Please note that mobile phones and other electronic devices must be kept in your locker and are not permitted in the spa area.

Q: Do you provide Spa lunch with your packages?
A: Lunch is not provided unless specifically included in a spa treatment. However, guests are welcome to order from our food & drink menu at the Spa at any time during their treatments.

Q: What are the temperatures of the Thermal Pools?
A: Pool #1: Hot 35-40 degrees celcius / Pool #2: Warm 25-30 degrees celcius / Pool #3: Cold 7-12 degrees celcius. We follow all provincial guidelines for the approved temperatures.

Q: How long can I stay in the Spa?
A: The average stay per guest is 2-3 hours.

Q: Why are guests asked to be quiet during a visit?
A: We encourage guests to use their time at Burning Springs as an escape from the bustle, distractions, and all facets of “noise” we encounter in everyday life. With this in mind we remind guests to be considerate of others by interacting quietly. Doing so also helps to promote a mindful relaxation experience.

Q: How will my visit to the Outdoor Oasis be impacted by poor weather?
A: Our Outdoor Oasis is open year-round, designed with heated pool surround decking so they can be enjoyed in cold weather. However, the outdoor area may be closed due to lightning during a thunderstorm or extreme conditions.

Q: Will the water ruin or damage my swimsuit?
A: We can assure you that the water quality of our baths surpasses all standards of excellence with the help of trained and experience artisans, cutting-edge equipment and meticulously applied protocols. Now, let’s face it, swimsuits are not all made the same.

We recommend wearing a swimsuit made from fabric that resists the top swimsuits destroyers; chlorine, salt, sweat, sunscreen and UV rays. Your swimsuit will be exposed to most if not all of these elements during your visit.

Taking a shower with your swimsuit on before using the facilities will help it not absorb as much chlorine as it would if it was dry, and rinsing out your swimsuit under a running faucet immediately after use will also prevent sweat, salt and chlorine from having more time to damage the fabric.

Q: Where do I park/ Do I pay for parking?
A: Parking is provided by valet at the main entrance of the hotel and is complimentary to spa guests.

Q: Does the Spa provide robe and slippers?
A: Yes! When we welcome you into the Spa for your treatments all guests are provided with a robe and sandals for the duration of their stay.

Q: Can kids use the facilities/services?
A: Our Spa facility, services and treatments require guests to be 16 years of age or older.

Q: Do you provide RMT receipts?
A: Yes! We provide a receipt for massages performed by an RMT in order for you to claim your massage on your medical benefits. Please request a RMT receipt at the time of booking.

Q: Am I able to make an appointment if I am not staying in the Hotel?
A: Yes! Anyone is able to make a Spa appointment even if they are not staying at our location.

Q: Do you serve alcohol?
A: The Spa is licensed to serve alcohol.

Q: Can I bring food or a drink into the Spa?
A: We ask that guests refrain from bringing outside food and drink into the Spa. We may ask guests who do so to leave. We do offer a spa menu with food & drink options that can be purchased and enjoyed during your visit.

Q: Can I bring a glass reusable bottle with me?
A: Glass containers or bottles are not permitted in our outdoor or indoor thermal areas. If you are bringing your own reusable water bottle, please ensure it is made of either plastic or metal.

Q: Do you take walk-ins?
A: Yes, we take walk in appointments any time we are able to accommodate them, however we would encourage guests to book in advance to guarantee availability and secure a preferred appointment time.

Q: Can I request a male or female therapist?
A: Yes, when booking your appointment please let the receptionist know your preference.

Q: Where do I store my belongings, jewelry and/or valuables?
A: You will be provided a locker to store your personal belongings. Before departing the Spa, please ensure that you have not left any of your personal belongings behind.

Q: What are the hygiene protocols to follow?
A: For sanitary purposes, please use a towel when sitting in our dry saunas. We also ask that you shower before and after entering any of our pools.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Is under Spa Etiquette

Q: How early do I have to arrive before my appointment?
A: Is under Spa Etiquette

Q: If I am running late for my appointment will I still receive my full service time?
A: Is under Spa Etiquette

Q: Do you accept US dollars and third party gift cards?
A: Yes, we do accept US dollars. Please be aware that the exchange rate is subject to change day to day as the market fluctuates. We do not accept third party gift cards.

Q: Where is Burning Springs Spa & Thermal Pools located?
A: We are located on the lower level of the Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa

Q: What is the history of the name Burning Springs?
A: The name is an homage to the first attraction in Niagara Falls, a burning natural spring that drew crowds to Niagara Falls and once occupied the space that now is home to Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa where we are located.